RV/Camper, Tent Sites, Cabin Rates and Policies




2014 RV/Camper and Tent Site Rates:

 May 20th-June 25th & August 21st -November 15th July 26th-August 20th
Entire Season
(May 20-Nov 15

Day Week Month
Full Hook-Up RV
$39 $234 $565
50 AMP Full Hook-Up
$41 $246 $595
$36 $216 $495
$25 $150 $350
Tent w/water & power
$2,200 $31 $186 $445

2014 Cabin Rates:

 May 20th-June 30th & August 1st -November 15th July 1st-31st
Entire Season
(May 20-Nov 15

Day Week Month
 Aspen  $49 $294 $820 N/A $59 $354 $895
 Ponderosa  $49 $294 $820 N/A $59 $354 $895
$95 $570 $1,674 N/A $106 $636 $1,874
 McClintock  $95 $570 $1,674 N/A $106 $636 $1,874
 Hondo  $106 $636 $1,872 N/A $120 $720 $2,070
 Chisum  $119 $714 $2,070 N/A $130 $780 $2,268
 Rio Grande  $149 $894 $2,682 N/A $165 $990 $2,970

All rates are based on 2 people and do NOT include tax. People over 9 years old are $5/night. $35/week, $105/month. Children 9 and under are FREE. Maximum 6 people per RV site / tent site / cabin except Rio Grande which is 8 max. All rates are subject to change without notice. Tax rate is 9.8%, there is no tax on the monthly rate.

5% Discount if you pay with CASH

Children 9 and under and pets are FREE!

We have a comfortable outdoor meeting area with tables and a large fire pit as well as our lodge for indoor meetings.

HORSE ACCOMMODATIONS: We have two 20'x20' corrals with water that hold two horses a piece. Additional room for horses may be available in a 5 acre pasture next door, please inquire about availability.


Owner provides feed and care.

 May 20th-June 30th & August 1st -November 15th July 1st-31st
May 20-Nov 15
Day Week Season
Horse Corral $5
$5 $30 $110
Horse Pasture $7
$7 $42 $135


CAMPGROUND 14' Motor Boat : $75/day | $140/2 days | $420/week. 2" ball required to tow. Includes pfd's and gas.


Canoe: $30/day, $55/ 2 days. Includes PFD's, paddles.



  • Cancel 30 days or more prior to reservation, full refund
  • Cancel 30 days to 48 hours prior to reservation, 50% refund
  • Cancel less than 48 hours prior to reservation, no refund
*A credit card or 50% deposit is required for us to hold a reservation.

Check In/Out Times:

        Check in:    2:30 pm
  Check out:   10:30 am

Sportsman's Campground Rules

Sportsman’s Campground Rules

Our rules are intended to make every guests stay safe and enjoyable. This is by no means a comprehensive list so please use common sense and ask if you have any questions. Non-compliance will result in the termination of your stay without a refund.

-Please conserve water. We have a limited amount of water. The blue hydrants are drinking, kitchen & bathroom water only. Never wash vehicles with water from the blue hydrants.

-The red spigots are irrigation water from the river. Do not drink from the red spigots.

-Do not play in or around the irrigation ditch.

- Drive Slow. Speed limit is 5mph. Limit the use of vehicles including ATV’s to entering & leaving campground. Only licensed & insured drivers are permitted to operate motorized vehicles in the campground.

-No Smoking in any of the buildings.

- Quiet hours begin at 10 pm.

- Guests are welcome but must register at the office before entering the campground. They are not permitted to shower here without paying and must pay if staying past 10pm.

-All fires (when permitted) must be kept within established fire rings, never left unattended and fully extinguished with irrigation water. Maintain a clear area at least 5 feet around the fire. Do not burn or place garbage in the fire pits.

-Park only in designated parking areas. Do not park or drive on the grass or off of the gravel. Please ask at the office if you need additional parking space.

- Bears: Please keep all food, garbage, bird feeders, dog food, dirty cookware etc. inside your RV, vehicle or cabin at night.

-Please recycle. Recycle bins are located near the dumpsters.

-The Lodge: Only registered guests are permitted in the lodge unless prior permission has been granted. The main room of the lodge closes at 10pm. Children 12 and under must always be accompanied by an adult while in the lodge.

-Children: You are responsible for the behavior of your children. Please supervise them appropriately & at all times.

- You are financially responsible for anything you, your kids or your pets damage.


Pet Policy

  • All pets must be on a leash. Two of the campground hosts are dogs, they are the only exception. Their names are Tika & Ajay, please do not feed them.
  • Never leave pets unattended in the cabins. No exceptions. If you leave your pet unattended in a cabin you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.
  • Do not leave your pet tied up outside your RV, tent site or cabin when you are not around.
  • Clean up after your pet.
  • Pets are not allowed in the lodge.
  • Excessive barking will not be tolerated.
  • You are financially responsible for any damage caused by your pet. The cost of any damages or clean up charges is at the full discretion of Sportsman's Campground & Mountain Cabins.


Sportsman’s Campground & Mountain Cabins and anyone associated with Sportsman’s Campground & Mountain Cabins cannot be held liable for any personal injuries, accidents or damage to your property.