Things to Do — Fishing - Rivers & Reservoir


Fishing a tributary of the Piedra River.

If you are into fly fishing wild, freestone streams for trout or fishing with the family at a lake or stream, then this is the place to be!


***Please practice catch and release in the area streams to ensure a quality fishery for the future. Pinch down the barbs on your hooks and be gentle with the fish to ensure survival.***


LIMITS: The limit is 4 trout on most of the streams; however, increased fishing pressure and inevitable low water years will eventually take its toll, especially on the larger fish. If you want to keep a couple fish to eat please keep them from the lake, which is stocked each year.




Fish the Stonefly hatch from roughly the last week of May into the second week of June and watch the hungry Brown's go nuts!


Williams Reservoir is a medium-sized lake located 5 miles North of us with a beautiful mountain background. It is stocked with Rainbow and hybrid-Cutthroat Trout every year and a resident population of Brook Trout and Kokanee Salmon. The reservoir reaches depths of more than 60 feet, creating a great trout environment. Most fish are between 6 and 13 inches, but there are plenty of 14-25 inch fish to make things interesting. Fishing from shore, especially in May, June, September and October can be very productive with worms or small spinners and spoons. We have a motorboat and two canoes for rent, which will help you move around and find the fish more easily, especially during the Summer.

Brown trout on Williams Creek
The Piedra River and it's tributaries, including

Williams Creek, offer great fly fishing opportunities for Native Cutthroat Trout, Brook Trout, Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. The general rule in the area is the further you walk from the road, the better the fishing gets, though the fishing during April and May can be great anywhere. July and August bring fishing pressure and lower water levels which makes the fishing a bit more technical. Stealth and proper fly/lure presentation is key during this time of the year. The Piedra River from the Piedra Road bridge downriver to HWY 160 is catch & release with flies and artificial lures only.


PICTURE RIGHT:View of Williams Reservoir from Rooster Rock.


Remember that we offer boat and canoe rentals should you wish to go off-shore and don't have a floating-vessel of your own!


14' Motor Boat: $75/day | $120/2 days | $420/week. 2" ball-hitch required to tow. Includes PFD's and gas.


Canoe: $30/day, $55/ 2 days. Includes PFD's, paddles.



The small streams (15-20 feet across) offer some fun fishing for smaller 6-10 inch trout with the occasional big Brown Trout. The Piedra River, just 1.5 miles down the road, includes almost 11 miles of river only accessible by foot. This wild and beautiful river ranges from 30' to 50' across and is characterized by many pool/drop stretches and boulder-filled runs with many fish, some very sizeable, especially down-river a few miles. Flies and artificial lures with a two fish limit are the regulations on the Piedra River. Early June usually includes a large Stonefly hatch that brings out a feeding frenzy and some huge 20" plus Browns. Caddis flies and grasshoppers are around most of the summer.


Recommended fly fishing gear for the area includes a 2-4 weight rod for the smaller streams and a 4-6 weight rod for the Piedra River and Williams Reservoir - all equipped with floating fly line. Don't forget split shot and floatant. A good selection of flies would include: Hoppers sizes #10-16, Stimulators #10-16, Blue Winged Olive #12-18, Elk Hair Caddis #12-16, Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph #14-18, Hares Ear # 12-16, Copper John's #16 and #18 as well as Stonefly Nymph patterns. Also don't forget a net and polarized sunglasses! We carry a good selection of flies and tackle in the store.


Recommended spinning gear includes a light action rod with 4-10 lb. test line, small spinners (blue, silver, orange and black are popular), size 6-10 hooks for bait fishing, split shot and bobbers. We have a nice selection of tackle, salmon eggs, power bait, and worms in the store. We also sell fishing licenses.